Monday, December 22, 2008

My family is crafty.

I come from a family of quilters. I think quilts are cool. Sometimes I pretend like I'm going to make a quilt too, but sewing kind of makes me feel crazy with impatience so if it ever does happen it will probably not be for a long time.

In October my mom's quilting group held a quilt show. The quilt above is one my great grandmother made a long, long time ago. It's so old that the material is disintegrating. That is my dad with his grandmothers quilt, and he is wearing a shirt my mom made. He is also wearing a leather belt that he made and hand stamped.

When we first arrived at the show I wanted to take off and start looking around. My mom kept stopping me and making up nonsense and I started to get annoyed. The reason was that her friend Robin helped her make this class quilt for me as a surprise, and she was trying to find her so they could show me together. My bad.

Even my oldest sister is a quilter. She made this quilt for my mom.

My mom also made this quilt for the grandchildren Corey and I are never having. This is as close as she's going to get:

Strega Nona says she loves it!


stephanie said...

If you want to practice quilt making, I'll take the castoffs. :)

Martha Miller said...

Love that picture of your father with the beautiful quilt his grandmother(?) made!