Saturday, September 27, 2008

Suck it GOP

Last weekend Corey and I went to California so we could attend our gay friends' wedding. As they were saying their vows it was plain to see that they love each other as much as Corey and I love each other. I couldn't help thinking how strange it is that people would be against two people getting married because of gender alone, casting aside the happiness that comes from sharing your life with someone who gets you better than anyone else, and who is there for you when you're at your worst. And strange that five hours away in Arizona their marriage is not recognized. Apparently we don't have freedom of relgion in our great nation.

Congratulations Jon and Joe!

Thank you Phoenix Biker Dykes for letting me borrow your jolly roger.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I have a student this year that pretty much refuses to speak. She comprehends well and is very intelligent; she would just prefer to be seen and not heard. I know she actually can speak though because when I gave her a reading test she spoke barely above a whisper. So maybe she would prefer to be seen and not heard unless it means doing poorly on a test.

Anyway, the other day she came into class and presented me with this collage. She had a big smile on her face and when I said, Is this for me?! she nodded.

She obviously put a lot of time and thought into this. I can't help but think she is trying to communicate with me somehow, but what is her message? I see a diamond, a buffet, a salmon, some dude, maybe me, a cup, a guy choking a girl(?), and an orange koala.
I used my Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols to maybe make some sense of it all.
Diamond: incorruptibility and invincibility
Salmon: perseverance and courage
Cups: receptive, feminine realm
Orange: love and happiness
Um, she wants me to use my perseverance to get her to speak, which she is receptive to? And when she does speak we will both feel love, happiness, and invincibility?
Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If I had 3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes, they would be wasted. I find myself inadvertently wishing things out loud several times a week. Sometimes they're for important things, and sometimes they're just flaydidalay. The other day I wished out loud that I was a mermaid. I googled mermaids to see if there was an image on the internet that matched what I had pictured in my mind: what it would be like to swim with ease from the darkness of the ocean up toward the surface.
I found a lot of sexy mermaid and much little-girl-dressed-like mermaid.
The one above was my favorite.
Anyway, I don't really wish I was a mermaid. I love walking, riding bikes, and riding horses too much. I would miss my legs. So when I found a hippocampus on The Black Apple, I though this would be a nice compromise wish:

Here's to wasting wishes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Craftiness and Cattiness

I did this layout for a challenge on the New Zealand Dare Blog. Their dare? To scrapbook the "weird + strange." Just so happens these pictures of my kooky cats were next in my pile to scrap. The journaling says: So this moth landed on our ceiling and the cats started freaking out -- meowing as if possessed by Satan, and Oedipus tried to climb up the wall! My old dresser was in the living room since we were giving it to Stacy, so I put the cats on top to see what they'd do. Jersey stared, but Oedipus tried & failed the vertical attack!

Did you hear Diddy's video blog by the way? "John McCain is bugging the fuck out! Sara Palin?!" I heard that on the radio the day after I finished the title and I thought Diddy and I must be connected somehow with our Buggin Out-themed-works.

Anyway I started to clean up and put away these Insect stickers, and I've been reading Somerset a lot so...I've been dying to put wings on something!!!

I liked it more because it covers up those hot pink semi-distracting family pictures in the back. I really wanted to leave those portraits in though because I can see old pictures we used to have hanging up of our nieces and nephews.

Also my New Year's Resolution was to use up my stash as well as I could, so I've been trying to incorporate some of my "unstylish" things and "make it work!" I like finally putting the old stuff to use! I took great pleasure in using my newish polka-dot stamp though. I searched for it forever.

Then today I was thinking about it. I think that picture of Oedipus is too cool to cover up, so I took his wings off, leaving Jersey's on. I like to pretend Jersey is dreaming of flying.

I got an email today from my sister-in-law. Corey's gramma knitted this sweater for their hairless cat Buffy:
I am surrounded by craftiness.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I got my braces off today!

That was me this afternoon and this is the new and improved me:
I was reading "The Enchantress of Florence" while I was waiting at the orthodontist. I think it's pretty sweet so far! I like to take pictures of places my books go but I was too embarrassed with others in the waiting room. They all left at once and my moment finally came! But then the assistant came out and called my name so I only got this one picture, which isn't good of the book, but you can see whoever was sitting in the chair next to me's ass mark perfectly:
I want to share craftiness in my blog so here is a homemade "Yay, You Got Your Braces Off" card I received from my fabulous mother-in-law. She drew the picture and made up a poem. Top that Hallmark!
Strega Nona wanted to be in the picture too.

Having my braces off rules! The first thing I ate was a 100-Grand bar that the orthodontist gave me in a Ladmo-esque bag. It is so nice just to eat something and not have to spend the next 15 minutes picking food out of my braces. And I keep looking at myself in the mirror. And I keep thinking I need to go put rubber bands on.
I can't wait to show my class tomorrow! And Corey tonight! We can share a bowl of popcorn and watch Big Brother.