Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 t.v. intros that crack me up

One of my favorite things about America's Next Top Model is mocking in my mind the weirdness that is Tyra Banks. Her advice to the contestants is to smile with your eyes, which she can't resist demonstrating by closing her eyes slightly or sitting up taller. And she has the same spiel to deliver every episode which she cannot do without singing part of it or breaking into a fake British accent. My favorite though is in the intro when for no apparent reason (other than it looks modely?) she claps her hands in a guy's face and makes a square with her fingers. Behold, about 8 seconds in:

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Duel 2 intro. Um, I am still speechless. When it comes on I sort of sit there in awe until the ex-Raiders cheerleader gets her close-up and is walking like a zombie. That part makes me laugh every time. She's about 26 seconds in:

I would just like to also add that The Fashion Show is a good Project Runway replacement, but it just isn't the same without Tim Gunn. I love Tim Gunn.

Carry on! Make it work!

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Rhubarb said...

Oh my Goddess! I just saw the beginning to that Duel show for the fist time last night and I was laughing so hard Buffy came to investigate what was going on. It is really hilarious.