Saturday, August 29, 2009

a surprise for Corey when he wakes up

The other day I considered painting a blotch on the wall of our living room to see if we would like the color we picked out. I promptly remembered that we are procrastinators, and an ugly blotch could be there for awhile before we get off our flip flops and finish the project. So I decided to instead make it fun.

I had the Captain stand by his treasure map so you could see the color better, though it still doesn't look quite accurate. Do you like it? I think we'll paint our bedroom with it instead. It should be bluer.

The movie on the tv is Leatherheads. I am so excited for the football season to officially begin! I can't decide if football or baseball is my favorite sport. During baseball season I think baseball is my favorite, then football season starts and I think football is number one.

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