Saturday, September 19, 2009

dog park first

When we go the dog park there are actually 2 parks: one for the big dogs, and one for the little ones. We go to the little one of course, and Captain is always the littlest. But last night for the first time there were at least 3 chihuahuas there smaller than him, and I got to see a new side of him. More on that in a minute.

I brought my camera so I could get a picture of him with his friend Clementine, but since the sun was going down I didn't get the picture I had in mind. What I did get was this fun action shot:
Clementine is the big one on top.

The new side of Captain...see the brown chihuahua? Captain thought he was pretty cool I guess, because he kept trying to hump him. Like, a lot of times. As in, I was getting embarrassed. I call this photo "menage-a-quatre":

It was a good night to go though. Since the weather has gotten into the 90s at night there was probably about 20 dogs there at one point. My friend and I were surprised we'd been there for 2 hours when she finally looked at her watch because we were so entertained by all the dog romping.

The End:

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