Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's just a doorbell.

On the latest episode of Raising Hope Shelly sang a song that I might have made up myself if I knew how to play the ukulele.

Those 2 little dogs of our always bark when they hear a doorbell - even if it's just on tv. They barked when they heard this song. They barked when I found it on YouTube. When there's a tv doorbell I always say, "It's not real." Captain Skippyjon Jones is starting to learn what I mean when I say that, but Caprica Six is a killer.

There's a commercial that always plays on Animal Planet with a doorbell in it, and I know it's a conspiracy. I have a degree in advertising. You can't fool me.

By the way, I grew up with lots and lots of big dogs, but the little dogs are the best guard dogs I've ever had. Isn't that ridiculous?

Does anyone else watch Raising Hope?


Avid Reader said...

I watch it and I thought that song was hilarious too. That girl was on Scrubs (one of my favorite shows) so I was thrilled to see her pop up on another funny show. I think Raising Hope has really found its groove and I'm loving it.

stephanie said...

That is awesome.

stephanie said...

Also, "I have a degree in advertising. You can't fool me," is classic