Sunday, June 5, 2011


This month at ARTastic the challenge is to use "Argenteuil" by Edouard Manet as inspiration. As an additional challenge we are to use two people in the photo, striped patterned paper (pp), and include a boat somewhere on the layout.

The painting:

My page:

When I thought about including a boat somewhere I thought of doing a pirate page with the dogs (and I may do that still), but then I remembered when we donated our Rodeo to the Sea Shepherds in 2008. The season of Whale Wars following our donation featured a new boat for the Sea Shepherds: The Ady Gil. Corey and I joked that they used the money from our car to buy it. We felt like it was a pretty good upgrade.

I printed the photo of the Ady Gil off the internet for my ship (and I added a pirate ship sticker for eco-terrorism). At first I thought there were 2 volunteers on top of the ship, but there are 3 so I lose a point there.
I positioned my striped paper horizontally just like the stripes in the man's shirt in the painting. I love using striped paper; it makes it so easy to line up pictures and stickers, and provides a good guideline for journaling.
I feel like my eyes move clockwise through the painting so I tried to duplicate that movement in my layout.

Save the whales!

P.S. Did you see the new episode of Whale Wars Friday? Gojira is pretty rad.

P.P.S. The Ady Gil picture I used in my layout came from Lifescape.


Maggie said...

Thank you for taking part in the challenge!
Your layout is so cool! The striped background paper is perfect for this. I love the title and how you made the big arrow, showing the trade :)

Rhubarb said...

It is such torture to watch Whale Wars one hour at a time. I want to wait until the end and watch them all at always ends right when it is getting good!

Karen said...

what an awesome challenge entry! thank you for joining us.. Love the story behind your layout. Love your pp background, and your different take on the challenge!!

Peggy said...

Cool LO!! I think you're right, the journaling looks great on that striped pp. I like the arrow as well, it really guides the eye. Great job! Thank you so much for this beautiful entry!
xxx Peggy

Lynnda Hosni said...

Sucha fun and cool layout.... lovely story the blue... Thank you so much for joining US over at ARTastic... hugs...xoxo

aussiescrapper said...

Oh what a stunning layout, I love the eco boat and I think you can be forgiven for thinking there were only 2 people in the boat, I hate whale torture and anything these amazing people do to help is just awesome....Love this layout thanks for entering. Melxx

Shazza said...

I always love the stories that accompany your layouts. This one in particular, love that huge arrow and what a trade!!!
This is so cool!!!
Just love your theme :)

RobinJ said...

Love your take on the challenge, Nicole! The striped paper is a cool background for the boat and I love your journaling with the big arrow! Thanks for joining us at ARTastic!
Hugs, RobinJ

DebiJ said...

This is very clever your title & the big arrowm & the stripey mens shirt paper..great work!

amanda73 said...

great work thanks for playing along. love the story here,