Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project Life Week 26

This page documents a Monsoon storm, so you probably know it was from awhile ago. But I also made this awhile ago, and am just lazy about getting these posted. I still love Project Life and had fun this weekend adding more thrilling moments from my life to it.
This week also documents a pack walk, obedience class for Stellaluna, watching Craft Wars, and a visit from my parents.

A closer look:

I recycled a used Book IT! progress chart from school into the background for this pack walk. (Ha! I just realized I used a progress chart to help track my own progress!) Any other Book IT! fans out there? I couldn't believe they would actually give me free pizza just for reading!
I must have been in a recycly mood that week because I used a magazine ad as my journaling block for my obedience class with Stellaluna. It was for a tacky Hamilton teacup chihuahua knick knack. But the sentiment rings true for my real teacup chihuahua: She May Be Small But She's Got a Big Heart!
More paper junk: this ad for Craft Wars came with my purchase from Michael's. I liked that show but I thought it was weird that Tori Spelling had to revoice almost all of her parts.
Finally, my dad left this old list behind on accident after their visit. Funny how someone else's handwriting can feel so familiar. I also love my dad's shorthand.

If my mom hadn't misbehaved she wouldn't be immortalized as a backseat driver. That's on her.

P.S. Here is Nerd Nest's week 26.

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auntangi said...

I like the "?" after Peanut "I am only buying peanut butter if it looks fresh" : ) And Stella Luna has the biggest heart!