Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Pictures

January: Chad's Annual Bowling Birthday Party
February: Petsmart Charities 5K PetWalk with Stephanie and Corey's Family
March: Angi and I See Fran Lebowitz Together
and a Visit From Amy!
April: Date Night to See Sucre
and Girls Night to See Florence + the Machine
May: 3 Graduations in Kansas
June: Trip to Palm Springs
July: Jaws Pool Party with Mini-Pack
August: Hottest Hike Ever
September: Diamondbacks Lose to Cubs :(
October: Suns Game on Halloween
November: Trip to Titan Missile Museum
and South Mountain Birthday Walk
December: Corey Puts Up Christmas Lights and Declares He Does Like Christmas
Love and Happiness to All in 2013!

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