Saturday, January 12, 2013


I made this scrapbook page back in November as a birthday present for my niece Alyssa. Her friend Stephanie asked friends and relatives to make a scrapbook page with a drink recipe, then put them together in a scrapbook for Alyssa's 21st birthday. Well I love alcohol, scrapbooking, and my niece (not in that order) so this was perfect for me.

I use a template to cut 21 out of some confetti paper and added some alcohol stickers. I put my recipe on a We R Memory Keepers Project Life-type card that I thought looked like a recipe card. Alyssa loves cats so I had to add a sticker I had of a cat with a birthday hat on.

The picture of me is with our pink grapefruit tree in our backyard, since the recipe for a vodka greyhound requires grapefruit juice. I hurried home, set up my camera on a tripod, and used the timer to take this picture. You can still see the sunglasses imprint on my nose but I was under a deadline!

The main reason I want to share this picture is because this week, after living here for 5 years, I finally invested $25 in an electric juicer and it has changed my life. I got to make a greyhound with ease after an annoying day at school (uncommon this year, and because of adults of course, not students!). And then I tried the juice without the vodka for the first time and I liked that too. Maybe I'll be healthy or something now.

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auntangi said...

My Dad has TONS of grapefruit he is trying to get rid case your tree runs out and you have another hard day at work :) Let me know!