Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! I bet 2014 will be awesome because it's the Year of the Horse and I love horses!
My horoscope based on the Chinese zodiac for the year is: Don’t be discouraged and follow your dreams. Sounds like good advice.
More gratuitous horses:
My gramma riding my horse Thunder:
Corey's grandma riding her horse:
I'm hoping on Sunday we will see it's the Year of the Horse for another reason:
Go Broncos!

P.S. I found the first picture on Pinterest but I can't figure out where. The second pony silhouette, "Memory Bird," is by Art&Ghosts. The Blythe dolls posing with their horses was photographed by Danielle Thompson. The watercolor white horse is by JK Lamkin. I found the pic of Thunder the Broncos horse here.

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