Saturday, March 1, 2014

Project Life May 2013 continued

I really like how this week turned out. It includes Corey meeting Grumpy Cat, a pack walk, buying flowers for 2 of my favorite people, 2 students watering our class garden, Mad Men, Star Trek Into Darkness, a funny hat bike ride, and The Preakness Stakes.
A closer look...The Born in the USA thing came from the packaging Corey's flowers came in. I also wanted to note that Corey meets celebrities constantly at his job and rarely takes pictures of them for himself, but he couldn't resist when Grumpy Cat came to the station.
Another post card saved from advertising days used for finishing season 2 of Mad Men, mounted on a junk mail card:
Vellum and patterned paper:
Star Trek pic printed off the internet, and Liberty Market sign pic taken by me:
The sign pic goes with a bike ride my friend Stephanie organized with her bf. I added a sticker to the pics on the left and used part of their invitation for a caption on the pic on the right:
Here's the whole page, mostly about the bike ride but I fit the Preakness from the previous day in too:
Again I used the invitation as my background here. Saved me from journaling the who, what, when, where...
Coincidentally the canal we rode along was constructed exactly 100 years before. It says, "WATER FROM THE SALT RIVER RUNS THROUGH THE CITY":
This pic from the Preakness is from the newspaper. I just added journaling and a sticker:
Again, you can be creative with the materials you find around you to scrapbook with. The only traditional supplies I used were 3 stickers, 4 scraps of patterned paper, a post-it note, and a vellum die cut.


Kat said...

awesome spread! you included a ton of great details and it looks like you had a good week :-)

Megan Anderson said...

Love this spread! I like that you always remember to include the pop culture stuff.

auntangi said...

You know I love it when I make the pages of your blog :) Great stuff, as always. And tips...I have started rescuing junk mail from recycling when I think I can use it in a book!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Thank you for the support ladies!