Monday, April 20, 2009


The latest challenge on The Art is Found is to use grass as your inspiration. I had just been going through my digital pictures and these ones of us on the lawn at Art in the Park last summer stood out in my mind.

I got to use my new date stamp that I found at the scrapbook convention on Saturday for $1.50! And the cool buttons I got there for $1! And I got to use a bunch of stuff I already had, such as the decorative scissors that cut paper in a grass pattern.

Looking at these pictures makes me happy all over again that my braces are off. And I really like this picture I took of the lawn ornament my sister~in~law got for the Senior Gs:


Rhubarb said...

XOXO right back at ya girlfriend!

stephanie said...

I am looking forward to sitting in the grass for the DMB show. Also, the smell of grass all around at the DMB show.

danilouwho said...

This is adorable - love it!