Sunday, April 12, 2009


I thought part of my Easter would be best spent on my back porch reading, "a decidedly one-sided and negative view of Mormon history."


Luvvie said...

Hellooo Captain Nick Sparrow across the waves of the ocean - thank you for your kind remarks on my blog. Hooray! I have another follower! I love your blog and will follow you too. I liked in particular the scrapbooking creation imagining if Ratatouille ruled the world. We have several guinea pigs - Mary - matriarch - named after the Crown Princess of Denmark - because that's what you do - Valdemar her son - then there's Misty - then Chip and another one whose name I forget. We have guinea pigs because I have teenagers who won't let go of childhood. Anyway - you're a great blogger and give me inspiration. You're a credit to the regiment. We must talk pirates one day. And as for Mormons - well they have served me well in family history - mustn't grumble. Have you seen the short film The Saviour - here's a clip from You Tube

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Thanks for sharing the clip and for your kind comments. Some of my best friends growing up are Mormons. The book is nonetheless eye-opening!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

are Mormons? were Mormons?