Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm not above pimping my dog to get kids to read

Today I went to my classroom to start getting ready for school. I brought Captain Skippyjon Jones with me of course, and my camera for some pictures of the Captain with his namesake. Before I was ready to begin the photo session though, he went into the class library and curled up for a nap on the tree stump bean bag my delightful sister-in-law got for my class:

I had a cardboard reading castle last year, but it could not hold up for another year of first graders. So I got this reading tee-pee tent as a replacement, and assembled it today:

Here are his books! Too bad the one in the background is a little shiny:

Total luck shot...or my dog was a model before he came to live with us:

If you were a kid, wouldn't these pictures make you want to learn how to read?

I'm thinking of getting him certified as a therapy dog so I can bring him to class once in awhile as a reading incentive. I'm still trying to figure out what that entails.


Luvvie said...

Oh if only my boy had had you for a teacher; he might like reading !!!!

Rhubarb said...

Nicole! Captain SkippyJon Jones is a natural!!!! Those pictures are so cute...

stephanie said...

I want to take him and wrap him in a blanket and carry him with me always.

The picture of him reading is priceless! Priceless I tell you!

Kimmy said...

Totally CUTE pics! I am a teacher too and i LOVE those books. Can I steal your pictures and show them to my class?