Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starry Night

The October challenge from the ladies at ARTastic was to use van Gogh's Starry Night as inspiration. I thought of the night not too long ago when I saw the owl (Bob or Terry?) in our neighborhood. I love using stars on my scrapbook pages and have a million star brads so I decided to use those for embellishments.

My journaling, which I wrote in all caps because I love the font in the Where the Wild Things Are previews, says, Seeing this owl in our neighborhood put me in the Halloween spirit. Although the pictures aren't so great, when I see them I remember the night Captain and I followed it as it flew silently from rooftop to rooftop.

Which reminds me that in January I wanted to paint our spare bathroom like Starry Night and Corey went along with it. It was more work than we expected but I think it's fun to go in there.

Here's the before:


I love standing in the mirror with the door closed, seeing the swirls and moon behind me.

If you want to make a Starry Night bathroom too, you only need a gallon of blue, and a tiny bit for the stars. I got a quart of white, yellow, and black, and it was way too much. Also, when making the stars just dab, dab, dab.

The hardest part is trying to find a shower curtain to match! I think I'm going to buy a white one and continue the mural across it with the leftover paint.


Shazza said...

G'Day Nicole (aka Captain Nick Sparrow!)

As soon as I visited your blog I knew which follower you were.....I dont have many dressed as pirates :)

Love you 'Starry night' interpretation, thanks for having a go!!

I love your bathroom transformation, with the stars and moon (Doesn't it make a huge difference) You should put some glow stars on the roof! That would look cool!!

Cheers for now

Luvvie said...

I just LOVE the bathroom. When we first bought this house, we moved in the day I gave birth to Caspar. Mum and Dad helped us move and fell into bed in the spare room at the end of a long day. They didn't realise that it had stars stuck to the ceiling and panicked thinking we had bought a house with no roof!!!

stephanie said...

I can verify the bathroom is awesome when you're inside.

Also, that picture of you made me LOL.

Megan said...

Wow! That bathroom is AMAZING! I wish we could paint in our loft. I'm just going to have to save up for some giant canvases instead!

Euphoria said...

raddest bathroom ever!! LOVE the idea to continue it on the shower curtain!