Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I made Barbara Kingsolver laugh.

I kind of already told you about my evening with Barbara (we're on a first name basis now), but I still have more to share. Here is a picture of her with The Boots:

So after the auditorium portion came the signing portion. As I was in line waiting with my book club, we were discussing questions we might ask or how dorky we might become in her presence. As we were standing there this woman comes out and exclaims, I blew it! I told her that her glasses look like Sarah Palin's!

Um, pardon me?

If anyone has read a single book by Barbara then they know 1. Other than vaginas, those 2 women have nothing common and 2. That to imply that they have anything in common besides vaginas is an insult to Barbara, and a compliment to Sarah. I felt bad for Barbara. Imagine!

As we got into the room I overheard the guy ahead of us asking Barbara if she would ever go on The Daily Show. I wish I could remember the exact wordage she used, but she said, No, there are some things I will never do.
And then she implied she didn't think she was entertaining enough. How humble.

So then it was our turn and I blurted out, We don't think you're anything like Sarah Palin! And Barbara laughed a lot! And her handlers laughed too! I think that now we are BFFs. Look how cute we are:


Rhubarb said...

You are my hero.

stephanie said...


Cuter than the picture with Sean from Days of Our Lives.

Luvvie said...

What a hilarious story !! You go girl!!