Thursday, January 14, 2010

post office virgins

Today at the post office I saw 2 people older than me (but not old) who had apparently never been to the post office before in their lives!

First a woman packaged up whatever in a priority box and realized she did not bring a mailing address with her. I know this because she loudly declared before she left, "I need to go home because I don't have the address! Do I have to pay for this now or when I mail it?"
Postal Worker (confused): Pay to mail it?
Package Virgin: Yes.
Postal Worker: Um, when you mail it.

Then the guy in front of me spent his 20 minutes in line complaining about the line. Seriously? First time? I wisely brought a book ("The God of Small Things," which is good) like I always do when I go to the post office, but it was hard to focus with him snarking out random comments (usually phrases). "Waste of time!" "I don't remember what color the sky is!"
What I wanted to say is, Sir, for $4 we can mail packages across the United States and it will be there in 3 days or less. Shh! I'm trying to find out what happens to Sophie Mol!!

:: petits contes amoureux :: is by Samuel Ribeyron.


Luvvie said...

tee hee - post office virgins - I love it!!

stephanie said...

Sometimes I wonder if anyone went home and blogged about me when I stole that box.

Two Bloggers said...

This post kills me, I laughed so hard. Because of Paperback Swap I spend a ridiculous about of time in Post Office lines. I ALWAYS have a books with me and it's never a big deal. But the constant eye-rolling, snide comments and huge sighs from the people in line around me always drive me nuts. I want to ask them if they really think that'll make the line move faster.

On another note, can't wait to hear your thoughts on "The God of Small Things." It's been on my TBR list for far too long.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Seriously, people in Haiti are waiting in line for first aid and water. I think we can handle this!