Monday, March 8, 2010

pink: it was love at first sight

Poppytalk is having another color week - this time for spring. Today's color is pink, which gave me the idea to finally post the creation of Corey's Valentine's present.
I started with an old t-shirt which had somehow gotten too small for me. It's significant because of where Corey and I met, and because of our first Valentine's Day with a puppy to love. As a result I didn't want to pass it on to Goodwill and decided to make it into a pillow for Corey.
First I cut out the front part of the t-shirt which would also be the front part of the pillow:

Then I sewed on some super soft rickrack because I love rickrack and I wanted it to look more crafty. Even though I measured 3 times with a ruler it still came out crooked:

Next I pinned the back of the t-shirt to the front inside out and sewed them together leaving a space for stuffing to go in:

I would recommend using smaller chunks of stuffing. I got impatient and used big clumps, which gave it a lumpy bumpy effect:

Isn't he a lucky guy?

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