Saturday, August 28, 2010

the little girl dog

This month at From Screen to Scrap the challenge is to use the Juno movie poster as your inspiration, which includes a handmade title (I hand stamped mine), stripes, and a pregnancy or new baby photo. Our fur kids are the closest to new babies as we're going to get!

I had some not-so-cute striped baby paper that came in a pack, and made it cuter with some Love, Elsie strips of heart paper. I could have either used the BABY BABY BABY paper for this scrapbook page, or a scrapbook page about Justin Bieber and that's about as likely as me having a real baby! That fun dog paper in the middle is actually from Victoria's Secret junk mail.

These pictures are from when we took Caprica Six to get spayed yesterday. When they brought her out she was wrapped up in that pink blanket because her temperature was too low, which inspired this page just in time for the deadline! She was pretty out of it last night but is doing much better today. She started licking a few hours ago so she's wearing Captain's life-preserver now.
Here are the pictures again in case you wanted a better look:

Also in 2008 I did a challenge for ScrapMojo which was also to use the Juno movie poster as inspiration. My page from then is on Flickr.

Are you a Juno fan too?


Rhubarb said...

So cute! My "word verification" to post this comment is "HIMBO"!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA.

stephanie said...

I'm sad her temp. was down, but happy she's better! Hooray!

And...not so much a Juno fan, though I'll say I've watched it since the first time I watched it and I thought it wasn't as overdone as I first believed.