Monday, December 27, 2010

scrapbook room remodel part 1

I just wanted to tear the carpet out of my scrapbook room because I was sick of it! In my mind this was a one day venture, and like all home improvement projects, I grossly miscalculated the span of this enterprise. First I had to take each and every knick-knack, box, and bottle out of the room which took forever. Corey decided since that took so long we might as well paint! We painted one wall Pepper Grass and the bookshelves and desk hutch Wickford Bay which is blue.
Do you like the green? I made a little place I could put my Fuji Instax pictures until they get scrapped:

I also put up these mini-clothespins I had to hang up pictures that come in the mail, pictures I come across and want to scrap soon, etc. I was thinking of putting up more because I'm a "more is more" kind of gal. Should I put up more or is that enough?

I put my Jackass 3D glasses on my model. You can see the blue we used on the shelf.

I hung up this banner I found at Target to display the handmade cards and drawings my friends and family make for me.

This had a bunch of scrapbook junk on it before, but now it's for my most frequently used scissors.

I painted the outlet covers to match. It took about 4 coats of paint (they're at 2 coats in this picture)! A little tip: if you put them on wax paper to dry the paint will stick but it peels right off.

What's left? Flooring, track lighting, and chalkboard paint talk bubbles on the closet doors.