Friday, December 24, 2010

secret santa

I was Secret Santa to the guy who doesn't know how to ride a bike. He was the most difficult SS I've ever had. He said he liked the Eagles and cooking, and he needed something useful and a vacation. Oh, sure, no problem. I decided to give him a Mind Vacation instead, leaving a page here and there in his box, and the rest on Reveal Day in a scrapbook. I've been wanting to do a paper doll project so he got to be my guinea pig (not Strega Nona).
I was trying to make a paddle board and paddle out of cardstock just from looking at pictures on the internet. It was fun!

My favorite part was making the mask. I punched 2 holes with a hole punch and then cut around them:

Here's his girlfriend. She's really nice so I think she should get to go too:

I wanted to make him hang-glide but it was just too complicated for a short time-frame! I like my hot air balloon though! I used a balloon template and string to help make the balloon:

You can see where the "paddle board" picture came from:

You know you're running out of ideas when...

I only had to make the hat, gloves, and boots because the suit came from an old gift tag. I used a cotton ball for the hat.
I call this one, "Standing in the trees watching you! I'm your Secret Santa/Stalker!" I took his pictures off of facebook so I felt like a stalker. But we are facebook friends.

I also gave him some lottery tickets so hopefully he will win enough money to take a real vacation.

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Luvvie said...

What a great gift!! You are a clever possum indeed...I love the idea of a mind vacation :)