Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

I chose Emily and Einstein as an Early Reviewer but after I got it I wondered why I had.
1. The husband dies, and I try to avoid books where the husband dies.
2. Some of it is told from the dog's perspective, and I just had a bad experience with a book completely told from the dog's perspective.
3. It's chick-lit, and I just don't enjoy chick-lit as much as I used to.

I guess I chose it because secretly I knew I'd like this story. Even though the husband dies, he was a jerk, and is reincarnated into a dog from the shelter Emily volunteers at, which she adopts and names Einstein. Although some of it is told from Einstein's perspective, it's more plausible because he's a person in a dog's body. And even though it's chick lit, it comes around at the end with some fresh insight and a positive message.

Have you ever seen the movie Little Black Book? It has that sort of feel.

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