Friday, October 22, 2010

Rose in a Storm by Jon Katz

Over the week and a half it took me to read this short book our average high was around 92 degrees, the hottest day reaching 99 degrees. Did that contribute to my dissatisfaction with this book, the tale of a dog named Rose who tries to save farm animals during a massive snow storm? Or maybe it was the way the story was written from the border collie/shepherd mix's point of view, adding to the implausibility of it all.

Just as one example, at one point in the story Rose starts grabbing mouthfuls of hay to feed to the starving cows. I've had some dogs that have done amazing things, and I like to anthropomorphize with the best of them, but it was just too much for me to swallow.

I would probably recommend it to a young adult audience that doesn't live in the desert.

P.S. At least I'm closer to my Colorful Reading Challenge goal (7/9)!

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Rebecca :) said...

Well at least it wasn't Clifford the Big Red Dog I guess.

Congrats on your challenge progress!