Saturday, April 2, 2011

autumn, summer, spring, whatever

Autumn Wonder by Debbie Adams is the inspiration this month at ARTastic:

The extra challenge is to use clouds, trees, and autumn colors.

The painting (autumn!) made me think of the pictures I took from our hike in July (summer!) which I still hadn't scrapped (spring!).

I had this brown paper which was perfect, combining books and nature. Too bad the best designs would be covered by my pictures. First I was going to cut them out with an exacto and switch them which would be time consuming and difficult to match up. Then I remembered we have a scanner now!

I placed 3 of the scanned ones I like over the less desirable images... this.

Voila! I used the leftover paper to make a pocket in the back to keep my journaling in, and to make a tab to pull the journaling out. I printed the journaling from my blog, attached the tab, and added 51 with letter stickers (the hike number in the book).

I didn't get to use any of the pictures that had clouds, but at least I got the trees and brown in there.

I also finished this from our trip to DC in January:

I tried to use a lot of things from the brochure. Also, how excited was I when I found this paper? It has a train theme and a monkey, and my sister-in-law wore a monkey hat on the train!!!


Rhubarb said...

Love it!!!! You are so creative!

auntangi said...

I bow down to your scrapping skill :)