Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch

I requested Dolci di Love as an Early Reviewer because I read Blessed are the Cheesemakers, written by the same author, in 2009 and thought it was cute. Dolci di Love did not disappoint.

It all begins with a golf shoe. As Lily checks her husband's shoe size for a birthday gift, she discovers a photo of his other family, the family he has when he is working in Italy. What really stings is that his other family has children, and Lily's marriage is falling apart because of lack thereof.

Once Lily arrives in Italy to cause some drama, the Secret League of Widowed Darners believe they have received a sign that Lily is meant to be with their local hottie, widowed bachelor Alessandro. Through drinking too much wine and baking cantucci at the head Widows flailing bakery, Lily discovers what she truly needs and deserves from life.

I liked that it didn't end in a corny, predictable way even though it's a corny, fun story.

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