Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 memory

In June we went on hike 10 in Best Hikes with Dogs: Arizona with Corey's dad.

Description from book: You and your dog will enjoy this shady hike to a highly unusual geological feature, the heart of a cinder cone estimated to be about three quarters of a million years old. Cinder cones are common in this region, but this one has crumbled and eroded in a way that makes the mountain look as though a cross section has been scooped away.

Magic picture! It looks like we let Captain loose, but he's on a skinny retractable leash.

"The trail ends at the base of this cone, and you can explore part of the area inside this ancient volcano."

I kept imagining what it must have been like when it was flowing.

Heading back now..."Before the 1.2-mile mark, you come upon a stepladder, which takes you into the base of the cinder cone -- dogs will most likely need assistance."

Thanks Papa! On our way in Corey had to help a woman who could not get her stranded dog down.

Dog tired.

That was the 2nd hike we took from this book and we fully enjoyed each one.

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