Thursday, December 22, 2011

the stockings were hung on the bookcase with care

I can't find the hooks we hang our stockings on so I had to improvise and hang them from the bookcase instead. Seriously, where are the hooks?!

On the left we see Captain's stocking. His got put under "Plants of Arizona" because he likes eating grass so much. And for the first time on Wednesday he ate a lettuce leaf Corey dropped on the floor.

Corey's is next. He likes Hunter S. Thompson.

Then comes Stellaluna's hand-knitted stocking that I usually use as an ornament, but it was just her size so now it's hers. Her stocking is hung from "The Traveler" because of the way she came to us.

My stocking is hung from the only Christmasy title I could think of, "All She Wanted."

Last is Caprica's. We like to say she's a witch even though she's a sweetheart. She also has a lot of energy so her stocking is hung under, "No Rest for the Witches."

I now feel like losing the hooks is a happy accident.

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stephanie said...

This is a really cute idea!