Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Belated National Scrapbook Day!

Not only was Saturday Derby Day, it was also National Scrapbook Day! Just like last year I hauled the card table to the living room and scrapped and watched Derby coverage for 7 hours (and watched Bodemeister come in 2nd!). I was trying to catch up on my Project Life album and I got a lot done, including one of my favorite weeks visually so far. But I will share those another day, because I still haven't shared this week:
This week documents a trip to Target, watching Survivor, watching the Muppet Movie at our friend's house, a visit from my parents, Stellaluna getting a pedicure, and Captain with our backyard flowers blooming.
a closer look...
My new favorite thing is slicing my photo and journaling into separate zones and rounding the corners. Fun! Ever since Blogger has updated the format, I have the ability to link but I can't make a new paragraph. So sorry for the continuous sentences. Anyway...Survivor and the Muppet Movie poster came from the internet. I used a leftover strip from some patterned paper called Wild Asparagus on Muppet Movie night because our friend made dinner with cooked asparagus which was yummy. I knew I saved that scrap for some reason. The painting of me with my parents was painted by one of my students. Another reason I like this Project is because it's a nice place to display at least some of the thousands of pictures my students make for me. P.S. Here is Nerd Nest's Week 15.


Megan Anderson said...

I love that you included your student's pictures for you! I'm thinking of scanning a bunch of Eliza's and making them smaller so I can squeeze more kid art in.

auntangi said...

I love your Project Life, every week! It inspires me to try and be more creative with mine. And now I want a corner rounder :)