Monday, May 14, 2012

Project Life: Week 15+

Since my page protectors hold 6 photos and there are 7 days in a week I have become a little congested with the week numbers. Time to play catch up.
Not too much exciting going on this week: 2 pack walks, a bridal shower, watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (awesome), reading Stones from the River (not so awesome), and the first day of Spirit Week: Pajama Day! The first pack walk is designed by one of my students who made a paper doll of me and of my dog. Cool! Also I read Stones from the River for more than one day so I put the date I wrote about it, but instead of using the year on my library stamp I rolled it around to the abbreviation for Entered.
Here Spirit Week continues with Twin Day, a day one of my students made a giraffe when we were doing geometry, Reader's Theatre, some flowers my students picked for me, dinner with Corey, and date night to see Sucre. I had 3 vertical photos so I arranged my pictures a little different this time, from bottom left to top left, then bottom right to top right. I tried using a strip of star patterned paper to guide the eye in the right direction. The day we did Reader's Theatre we acted out The Puddle by David McPhail. My tip to other teachers is to use those Zoo Pals paper plates, hole punch them, add yarn and you have a costume. We used a pig oven mitt as a puppet and we pretended the watering can was a sailboat. Reading is fun again!
Here's my favorite from the week (2 tiny pictures with the corners rounded of course). Don't tell but I got the Sucre picture off the internet because my pictures were crap. She was wearing the same dress the night we saw them and we were sitting from the same angle. I guess my scrapbooking tip of the week is piracy, but I'm not profiting from the photo...I'm being creative!


Megan Anderson said...

Hah! Your piracy comment was super funny.

I've used photos from the Internet in mine too. Because a) I obviously cannot have an original photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. and b) I like to take screenshots of current events/news articles on the web.

I think it's a good way to get things that are current in there; no different than clipping newspaper articles in days of yore.

Obviously a there's a line, but owning that it's not yours makes sure that you don't cross it.

auntangi said...

I miss pajamama day! And I love when I (or the kitties) make the project : )

stephanie said...

Your scrapbooking tip is piracy. HAHAHA!