Thursday, July 11, 2013

Project Life March continued

This is my other favorite week (visually) from March:
It documents the girls ganging up on a cricket, a text from my nephew, watching Napoleon Dynamite, the first day of spring, and spring in our backyard.
Recently I started printing the pictures family and friends text me to include in this Project. This way I can include the people who live far away that are still a part of my life. This picture is of a card and Weekly Reader about Ireland I sent my nephew for St. Patrick's Day, which he texted as a thank you. Love that kid!
Napoleon Dynamite was on t.v. and we got sucked in. I saved this Napoleon Dynamite chapstick packaging when I got it a very long time ago, and my paper hoarding tendencies paid off. The journaling is on the back (see below).

My Favorite Season is from a Smash pad. I popped out the other seasons, put some patterned paper behind it, wrote some journaling, and stamped the date.

On the left you see Caprica Six guarding our backyard. I added the 24/7 sticker since we joke that she is always on duty. She takes her job very seriously.

On the right is a picture I took of an orange tree blossom. I love the smell of our citrus trees blooming. The quote I used came pre-printed on vellum. One of the nice things about this Project is that you don't have to figure out how to adhere your vellum without it showing. This time I just trimmed the quote and slid it in over my picture, no adhesive required!

Maybe I should post more of my pages because now I see I've made a mistake here: it's March not April. Off to fix it...
I'm back. Another beautiful Arizona sunset! I added a Home sticker and Thickers for the title.
The rest of the week documents my book club meeting to discuss Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, finishing Dragons of Winter Night, a family pack walk, playing Hangman with my class, a factoid about the moon, Survivor, a phone call from my sister, and getting the dogs nails trimmed.
I used a magazine ad and stamped it. Free and saved from the landfill!
The distance to the moon was mentioned in The Secret Life of Bees which I was reading that week so I wanted to include it. Luckily I went to the internet to double check the distance before I included it because it was wrong in the book. Actually I went to many websites that gave various distances so I finally settled on the one that had a range of distances since the moon gets closer and farther. That one made the most sense to me so that's what I went with. Hopefully it's right!

I used some scraps of patterned paper, letter stickers, and a sticker (couldn't believe I had a sticker with the moon on hand!). The patterned paper had a star already punched out of it so I highlighted it by rubbing some white stamp ink along the edges.

Finally we have an unfortunate victim of Survivor which I printed off the internet, and the back of the Napoleon Dynamite chapstick packaging (it's as cute as the front) where I added some paper flags for journaling. Free and saved from the landfill!

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