Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten Thousand Heavens by Chuck Rosenthal

As soon as I started reading this book I discovered it's told from the horse's perspective. Uh-oh. My last foray with a book told from an animal's perspective was irritating.

However, as I continued to read on, I discovered that the author utilizes his background in philosophy to deliver some thoughtful gems via horse speak. It's clear that Mr. Rosenthal has spent a fair amount of time around horses and has given some thought to the why behind their instinctive nature. It was entertaining for me to read his take on equine behavior after spending so much time thinking about it myself. Philosophy and behavior aside, it's a touching story of a man whose mission is to rehabilitate a Thoroughbred Arabian mare named Annie using time and love instead of whips and spurs. My feeling is that this is the true story of the author's relationship with his mare, Jackie O, but it's called fiction because of the point of view it's told from.

One of my favorite quotes made me think of the Morgan mare I used to ride, Thunder. That horse had spunk! "A horse that wouldn't try to buck you off once in a while was no companion at all."

If you like horse stories you will gallop through this little book of friendship and compassion.

And now for your enjoyment, a gratuitous horse painting (which hangs in our bedroom) by Emily Martin called Judy and the Dream of Horses:

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