Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

I read Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich on a friend's recommendation. She insisted I borrow it because it reminded her of Harry Potter. It was no Harry Potter but it was still fun to read.

This book is actually second in a series but the author filled me in on what I missed from the first book without any issues. This story is about Lizzy Tucker, a pastry chef from Salem, Massachusetts who is partnered with Diesel, a hot magical dude who has to protect her. Their mission is to get the Luxuria Stone, "an ancient relic believed by some to be infused with the power of lust." However, Dielsel's cousin Gerwulf and a scary lady named Anarchy are also trying to get the stone which causes hijinks on the way.

It was an easy read but a little too easy for my taste. I've already forgotten most of the story.

P.S. This book counts as my Urban Fantasy genre for the Eclectic Reader Challenge.


auntangi said...

I should have read this when I was in Salem last week :)

shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

I have this, and the first on my too read shelf. Thanks for sharing your review.
Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out