Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I got my braces off today!

That was me this afternoon and this is the new and improved me:
I was reading "The Enchantress of Florence" while I was waiting at the orthodontist. I think it's pretty sweet so far! I like to take pictures of places my books go but I was too embarrassed with others in the waiting room. They all left at once and my moment finally came! But then the assistant came out and called my name so I only got this one picture, which isn't good of the book, but you can see whoever was sitting in the chair next to me's ass mark perfectly:
I want to share craftiness in my blog so here is a homemade "Yay, You Got Your Braces Off" card I received from my fabulous mother-in-law. She drew the picture and made up a poem. Top that Hallmark!
Strega Nona wanted to be in the picture too.

Having my braces off rules! The first thing I ate was a 100-Grand bar that the orthodontist gave me in a Ladmo-esque bag. It is so nice just to eat something and not have to spend the next 15 minutes picking food out of my braces. And I keep looking at myself in the mirror. And I keep thinking I need to go put rubber bands on.
I can't wait to show my class tomorrow! And Corey tonight! We can share a bowl of popcorn and watch Big Brother.


stephanie said...

Whenever I saw Strega Nona's name in my head, I thought of Strigganonna.

Lots of extra letters.

Love the ass imprint.

Welcome to blogging.

Also, I think Corey was working when we drank the Buster Bowls. I think we met up with him later. Didn't we?

Brent said...

Nice chompers. Be sure to wear your retainer. I didn't and my teeth are now as bad, if not worse than they were when I wore braces eons ago. Enjoy a new world of naughty food.