Thursday, September 11, 2008

Craftiness and Cattiness

I did this layout for a challenge on the New Zealand Dare Blog. Their dare? To scrapbook the "weird + strange." Just so happens these pictures of my kooky cats were next in my pile to scrap. The journaling says: So this moth landed on our ceiling and the cats started freaking out -- meowing as if possessed by Satan, and Oedipus tried to climb up the wall! My old dresser was in the living room since we were giving it to Stacy, so I put the cats on top to see what they'd do. Jersey stared, but Oedipus tried & failed the vertical attack!

Did you hear Diddy's video blog by the way? "John McCain is bugging the fuck out! Sara Palin?!" I heard that on the radio the day after I finished the title and I thought Diddy and I must be connected somehow with our Buggin Out-themed-works.

Anyway I started to clean up and put away these Insect stickers, and I've been reading Somerset a lot so...I've been dying to put wings on something!!!

I liked it more because it covers up those hot pink semi-distracting family pictures in the back. I really wanted to leave those portraits in though because I can see old pictures we used to have hanging up of our nieces and nephews.

Also my New Year's Resolution was to use up my stash as well as I could, so I've been trying to incorporate some of my "unstylish" things and "make it work!" I like finally putting the old stuff to use! I took great pleasure in using my newish polka-dot stamp though. I searched for it forever.

Then today I was thinking about it. I think that picture of Oedipus is too cool to cover up, so I took his wings off, leaving Jersey's on. I like to pretend Jersey is dreaming of flying.

I got an email today from my sister-in-law. Corey's gramma knitted this sweater for their hairless cat Buffy:
I am surrounded by craftiness.

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stephanie said...

I definitely like the third one the best. Jersey with the wings is the winner!!

When I see hairless cats, I think of "Raaaacccchelllllll."