Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If I had 3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes, they would be wasted. I find myself inadvertently wishing things out loud several times a week. Sometimes they're for important things, and sometimes they're just flaydidalay. The other day I wished out loud that I was a mermaid. I googled mermaids to see if there was an image on the internet that matched what I had pictured in my mind: what it would be like to swim with ease from the darkness of the ocean up toward the surface.
I found a lot of sexy mermaid and much little-girl-dressed-like mermaid.
The one above was my favorite.
Anyway, I don't really wish I was a mermaid. I love walking, riding bikes, and riding horses too much. I would miss my legs. So when I found a hippocampus on The Black Apple, I though this would be a nice compromise wish:

Here's to wasting wishes.


A bird in the hand said...

Capt. Sparrow, arrrrrr!!! please email me your mailing address for the French admit one tickets.

Colettecopeland at yahoo dot com.

stephanie said...

That mermaid has a nip exposed.