Sunday, March 1, 2009

Does my class go to the left or the right?

Obama won by a landslide during our mock election, but when it comes to the issues, are they truly democrats? Scholastic News provided a letter starter to President Obama for classes to finish, and last week I gave it to them. The letter begins:
Dear President Obama:
We learned in Scholastic News that you will be President for the next four years. Here is what I hope you will do for our country:

I let my students brainstorm what they would like before we began the letters. When they were done sharing their ideas, I brought up some of the things that are in the stimulus package to see if they would like for him to do those things. I asked if they wanted to write the President asking him to cut taxes. That was a big "no." 1 point for democrat.

Here is what they asked for in the end:
6 asked for new schools
2 asked him to end the war
2 asked for a pool on our playground (the heart wants what it wants)
2 asked for new bridges
1 asked for new jobs
1 asked for free dress (we wear uniforms)
1 asked for more money so we can buy food
1 asked him to fix the world

One student went home and wrote him a second letter, and gave it to me sealed in an envelope that says, "Barack Obama are winner he is the Best President in the White House of the Unites States of amerrca" Cute, right?

Although I'm not sure if swimming pools and free dress are republican or democratic issues, judging by most of their requests, I think they "voted" for the right man. I'll mail their letters tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you dreamygiraffe for the use of your sweet painting which can be found here.

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stephanie said...

Weird coincidence. I wrote him a letter asking him to fix the world too.