Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If I had wings

I've been having all kinds of crazy dreams lately. This morning I accidentally woke up at 4:30. I told Corey my dreams right away, so now I can remember them a little better than I usually can. But it was when I went back to sleep that I had a dream that I could fly.

I've always been a little jealous of people who have dreams about flying, because I can't remember having one. I suppose since it was my first time dreaming of flying, that would explain why I was only learning to fly. I couldn't fly really fast, and could only fly as high as a one story building. It was good for a first timer, I think, and was still quite enjoyable. Maybe the next time I dream of flying I'll be a little better at it since I've had practice now.

According to my dream book it's usually a bad thing to dream of flying. There isn't a blanket description for any old flying dream; you have to be specific. Very specific.
"To dream of flying through a space..." no
"To fly over muddy water..." no
"To fly over broken places..." no
"To dream of seeing the sun while flying..." i was told to never look straight at the sun
"To dream of flying through the firmament passing the moon and other planets..." no, but I wish!
"To dream that you fly with black wings..." no
"For a young man..." no
"For a woman to dream of flying from one city to another, alighting on church spires..." not even close
"For a young woman to dream that she is shot at while flying..." no, but at one point I think I was chased
"To fly low, almost to the ground..." {kinda} "...indicates sickness and uneasy states from which the dreamer will recover." I did have a headache all day, and it's gone now! Weird. Part-psychic.

I liked thinking about my dream today, and imagining myself flying. I wish I could fly.

P.S. If I Had Wings was made by Anne-Julie Aubry at TheNebulousKingdom.

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