Monday, December 28, 2009

Far From Home by Anne DeGrace

My review:
Have you ever felt like running away from it all? The thought has crossed my mind a time or two, but I just know it would not turn out as well as it does for the main character in this story, Jo, who runs away after a teenage pregnancy debacle. She finds herself taken in by a woman who owns a cafe in Canada, becoming a waitress while dealing with the crisis that is her life.

One day during her shift she meets people from all walks of life, each with a story that teaches a lesson. Anne DeGrace wrote from many different points of view, each time with a unique voice. Although the ending didn't really drive it home for me, I recommend readers escape in this story instead of hitting the road.

My favorite quote:
I can't tell if the bus has left without me, or I'm waiting for it to arrive.

This is the fifth book I've read as an Early Reviewer on LibraryThing.

Bookworms is by thedreamygiraffe.

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