Sunday, December 13, 2009

This guy is my new hero.

That is Adam Sevani (who The New York Times suggested "might be the baddest nerd in movie history") and he danced my favorite dance in Step Up 2: The Streets, which I watched Friday night. I must have rewatched that part 34 times. I think I should start taking hip hop lessons.

If you like dance I recommend you check out Step Up 2: The Streets. If you like plot but you need a laugh, I also recommend it. At the beginning, the main character must choose between going to dance school or moving to Texas. Then she has to choose between taking extra dance lessons or practicing with her illegal street dance gang. Life can be so unfair.

In case you're wondering, that song is called The Way I Are and it's by Timbaland. I'm only telling you because when I first heard it on America's Best Dance Crew it took me almost a year to figure that out.

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