Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a girl!

Corey's friend from work rescued this little girl after her neighbors moved out of their house and left her behind like a faulty bbq in the backyard with no food or water. Since we've been trying to find a girl friend for Captain Skippyjon Jones we couldn't say no. Especially not after meeting this sun-burned looking, itchy-haired, smooth moving girl.

Captain was happier than a wide receiver in the end zone when we brought her home! (You can tell he likes her because he's watching her on his good side;-)

But we're still thinking of a real name. For now she's Lady Daga. She has a faux-hawk going down the back of her neck.

(Can you tell it's hot?)


stephanie said...

DUDE! No. Someone did NOT leave that dog in a backyard. I have to hear this story.

Rhubarb said...

What a terrible story but with a most happy ending!!