Friday, July 9, 2010

Junior Prom

I dug out my old prom pictures in April when all the real proms were going on in the world and started scrapbooking them. I finally finished today! The hold up was the nice note my friend Kristin wrote on the back of her prom picture she gave to me. I copied the back so I could include it (which took about a month of procrastination), and finally adhered the last wallet pictures and note today (another 2 months of procrastination).
This one's been done:


The clear thing with all the receipts and tags I saved (I think I always knew somehow I would be a scrapper) is a page torn out from an old mini slide-in photo book. I think I'll also photocopy my diary entry from the night and slide it in there too.

Who has a good prom story to share?