Friday, September 24, 2010

Ain't she sweet?

I joined a scrapbooking forum called Dixie Pieces solely because they are having a Glee challenge for the next 6 weeks! (I love Glee! Do you watch it too?) This week the challenge was to use the title of a Beatles song as the title of your scrapbook page. There were 10 to choose from and I chose Ain't She Sweet. I'd never even heard that Beatles song before yesterday but I bet my friend Stephanie knows it by heart.

I wound up looking up a lot of things about the 60s to assist in my scrapbook page making. I looked to 60s fashion and used rickrack and polka dots.

I used a red and white color scheme partially because of that line from the Beatles song "Come Together": He got monkey finger, he shoot Coca-Cola.
I learned that in 1966 Coca-Cola started using cans with a pop tab so you wouldn't have to use a can opener. I also used my cursive stamps to go with the Coca-Cola font. Sometimes my hand stamping looks good and sometimes it makes me swear. This was a swearing time.

Looking at the album cover for A Hard Day's Night gave me the inspiration to arrange my photos in a row. That's our girl Caprica Six wearing her new Arizona Cardinals football jersey. (She wanted to be like her cousin Berry Pebbles). In the 60s the Arizona Cardinals were the St. Louis Cardinals, but they still had red and white team colors. Next we are going to get Captain Skippyjon Jones a Broncos jersey for game days.

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Rhubarb said...

Right on! I love that you linked to Berry Pebbles on your blog.