Monday, September 6, 2010

Michael Kors Metaphors!

Episode 6 (You Can Totally Wear That Again)
Michael Kors must be reading my blog because in this week's episode he used almost as many metaphors as similes to describe the outfits he didn't care for. Buckle up because here come both.

"I mean, she's young and cool and you're trying to make her look, I don't know, like she's at the church bring-a-pot dinner."

"She's got an avocado goiter."

"It's like you turned her into, like, Nursing Grandmother Chest."

"The dress looked kind of like a really bad tennis dress gone wrong."

"She's kind of a secretary from 1987 on the bottom."

P.S. The photo I used is not from this episode and it wasn't taken by me.


Rhubarb said...

Too funny...the avocado comment was hilarious!

stephanie said...

I have not been watching this season. I missed the first episode completely, then forgot to record the second episode and now I'm just super behind. I just keep thinking about my thesis. Thesis. Thesis thesis. Thesis.

lisa :) said...

Hee hee that's awesome that there are actually some metaphors. You should get a t-shirt made that says, "Michael Kors reads my blog!" ;)

I just found out that Tim Gunn is coming to Chicago to promote his new book. I have a super busy week, but I'm seriously tempted to try to rearrange my schedule to go to his signing! I'd love to hear a "make it work" in person!