Monday, July 11, 2011

yellow/saguaro dreams

Summer Colors Week at Poppytalk has come and gone, but I'm participating this week anyway. Yellow gives me the opportunity to share some saguaro pics.

The mesquite tree in our front yard has been sickly which has set me to dreaming that we could replace it with a giant saguaro! What's more Arizona than a saguaro? Too bad they cost so much. A 3 footer starts at around $250, and the kind of my dreams could cost over $1000!

Corey chopped the sickest half of the tree off and it is making a strong comeback. For now I will enjoy our free landscaping and start saving my pennies for the grandest cactus of all cacti.

P.S. The top photo is a scan of a greeting card I sent to a friend. Notice "saguaros" incorrectly spelled "sahuaros."

The dreamy backyard photo came from vivafullhouse.

The saguaro blossom photo came from Dan Hiris on Wikipedia.

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