Thursday, September 8, 2011

Michael Kors Metaphors

The 6th episode of Project Runway, The Art of Matter, was all about taking a child artist's painting and making it into an Avant Garde outfit. Avant Garde is code for excessive similes and metaphors from Michael Kors! Yay!

Before we get to Michael Kors though I want to point out my favorite moment of the show, Tim Gunn chasing Swatch around Mood. I love Tim Gunn more and more every episode.

Michael Kors' liked this dress but disliked the styling. "But with the sleeve and the make-up and, you know, it's a little Tim Burton-y."

"She looks like a victorian cocktail waitress in Las Vegas."
"Joshua C. had this incredible painting of this wolf. Powerful, dimensional, interesting, and instead she's a hostess slash hooker."

So bad he came up with 4 similes and a metaphor!
"Unfortunately she just looks like a girl with a misshapen body with some stuff glued on her."
"It looks like something a Teletubbie would wear to a party."
"Heidi, I know you've been craving a very stiff jumpsuit that will make your ass look that long and it looks like you're having baby number five when you wear it."
"They were sponges. It's like, 'Oh I'm cleaning my kitchen! Beep! Oh I'm cleaning the floor! Boop!'"

"But then the rest of the dress looks like Mood exploded on her."
"His clothes, they're like Valium clothes. They just make you kind of fall asleep."
"Valium Fashion."

P.S. I got the picture of Tim & Swatch from Just a Biddy which has awesome Project Runway episode summaries. Here's the website since I can't get a link to work anymore:

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lisa :) said...

I'm a little behind on the season but I love checking out your recaps. Always makes me giggle to remember all the crazy stuff Kors says!