Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michael Kors Similes

On the fifth episode of Project Runway, Off the Track, designers were challenged to create an outfit to go with Heidi's line of New Balance shoes.

I say BOO! to Josh M. who bullied Becky during the challenge while forcing her to make this not so flattering outfit:

Michael Kors said, "The t-shirt looks like you hacked up a dress."

Some more similes from Michael Kors:

"This is very Sound of Music. Maybe it's for Heidi's German kind of background. It's very dirndl, pretzels, and the beer garden."

"The blouse is just like a souflée that flopped. She's chiffon addicted."

A rarity! Michael Kors uses a simile as a compliment!

" looks like a million bucks."

I liked it too, but I think my favorite this week was Josh C.'s t-shirt. It makes it look as though the model is wearing a backpack, although she's not.

I'm not sure why I would want people to think I was wearing a backpack if I wasn't, but for some reason it appeals to me.

Also one of my favorite parts of the show was when Bert's teammates spent a fair amount of time in front of the judges hating on his outfit, only to have the judges tell them his was the best of the bunch. I'm not a big fan of Bert's but it was funny nonetheless.

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