Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Kors Metaphors

Episode 8 (What Women Want)
This challenge asked the designers to create dresses for regular women instead of models, with their boyfriends and husbands describing to the designers things they think their gals would wear. Hilarity.

Thankfully Michael Kors was not shy with his metaphors just because regular people were on the runway.

Anthony Ryan's

It almost looks like superhero ice skater. Ooh she's got a cape and she's gonna fly around the house!

She's dressed up as a, I don't know, a cheerleader, sailor, a child.

Bryce's, featuring Most Hated Pockets

To me it looks like you're going to the buffet table and you walk by the bar and you put like a lamb chop in one pocket. Oh look, there's a piece of cake! I'll put it in there.

Keys?! You could put a dog in there!

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