Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Life: Week 12

This week documents our visit from my fabulous sister-in-law, parent-teacher conferences, viewing the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit with Alana, doing our taxes (numbers covered - top secret pirate stuff), and a day of scrapbooking.

Frank Lloyd Wright day is from a brochure I picked up at the museum. It has a Smash Stickie with a pencil, since I'll always remember from our tour of Taliesin West that apprentices only use pocket knives to sharpen their pencils. I bought those Stickies after my friend Angi showed me hers.

Scrapbooking day has a little post card project made in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Now I have a place to put all those little paper things I once stopped myself from hoarding.

Here is Nerd Nest's Week 12.

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