Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project Life: Week 13

This week documents a day we got sad news on the phone, a day we got happy news on the phone, running into a really old friend at PetSmart, a hair cut, scrapping at Angi's, and a pack walk.

Putting this week together was a scavenger hunt. 3 of the photos were gathered from across the internet, while my Kindergarten class photo was scanned and reprinted at home. 2 of the days include magazine clippings, and 1 includes a newspaper advertisement insert. There's also 3 Smash Stickies and a business card for good measure.

The good news is my niece got engaged! Her proposal photo is vertically composed so I decided to arrange all the photos on the right the same way.

On Pack Walk day I stamped with some paint I've never used before: Manganese Blue. I think it's my new favorite.

Here is Nerd Nest's Week 13.

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